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Today marks the next chapter for CNNMoney.

We began in October 2001, as a merger of Web sites:, Money Magazine and later Fortune.

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And now: We're 100% CNN, and stronger than ever.

We have more than 75 passionate journalists and designers working around the world to explain the news, make news, and most importantly, tell great stories everywhere you are - on TV, the Web, social media and mobile.

Home base is New York, and we have operations in D.C., London and Hong Kong.

Our plan is to take what we've built during the past 13 years and make it even better, with new sections - luxury and media plus expanded tech coverage - and investments in digital video.

Our focus is the money news that matters most to you: The person striving hard to get to the next level. The entrepreneur. The individual investor. CNNMoney is about your life, your dreams, your money.

We care about good journalism: real reporting and getting the facts right.

We care about tech, because it influences all of our lives in so many ways.

We care about markets, because we all have to invest to save for something. And because markets are sure to blow up again one day and scare the hell out of us. When that day comes, some of us will want to sell everything and the best way to guard against bad investing is to understand what's going on.

We care about what goes on in Washington, because lawmakers' decisions will always affect Main Street. We know the nation's short-term debt doesn't matter, long-term debt does, and the debt ceiling is stupid. We also know that tax reform is necessary but it won't happen anytime soon.

We care about your homes and jobs and pensions and health care.

We care what CEOs are up to, because they are leading the companies that employ us, and those companies make up the core of our 401(k)s. We care that they probably earn too much.

We care about media because we are in the midst of a digital revolution, the most disruptive time since the advent of cable, and we want to explore what the future holds.

We care about income inequality and economic mobility, because too few are getting ahead. And we care about the safety net, because not enough is being done to help those most in need.

We care about these issues because you do.

And whatever your goals, CNNMoney will work hard to help you get there.

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