'The best thing I ever bought for $1'

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A dollar doesn't go as far as it used to, but as Dollar Tree buys rival Family Dollar it's important to remember: A buck still has plenty of buying power.

With that in mind, we asked the CNNMoney audience to share the best things they ever bought for a buck.

A 1986 Toyota Xtra:

Yup, a car that cost less than a gallon of gas. Twitter user @JasonSpeier said he bought it from his priest in 1999. The priest had another car, and the diocese told him to get rid of one.

Four gallons of gas:

@Obood said he recently snagged this deal where he lives in Saudi Arabia. "Gas is cheaper than water," he tweeted.

A copy of the Des Moines Register bearing news of JFK's assassination:

Travis Curry, aka @MustangTravis, said he picked this up at an estate sale in 2005. He also paid $1 each for a copy of the Register announcing the Mount St. Helens eruption and one of the Minneapolis Star Tribune announcing Saddam Hussein's capture.

kennedy register
Travis Curry bought this vintage newspaper and others, all for $1.

An "Ultimate Comics Doom" #1:

On Twitter, Jessica Johnson said she got the 2010 comic book at a secondhand bookstore in California for her boyfriend, who was feeling homesick after a move. "He always wanted a 1st edition comic but lamented the price," she wrote in an email. Copies of the issue on eBay (EBAY) currently sell for about $2.


Karen Tootle wrote on Facebook (FB) that she once won a hundred bucks after putting four quarters into a slot machine at a Bahamas casino.

A Beatles 45 rpm record:

No word on what the single was, but a Facebook user wrote that he got it "back in the days of my youth. And those are distant."

A bottle of water:

@keithgoldsby said he bought it in Qatar in the midst of extreme heat while on his way to Iraq.

"Peace and quiet:"

@SharekaNT said she has bribed her child for it.

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