11 companies that pay you to take a big break

Only a small percentage of companies offer sabbaticals to their employees. And of those that do, many don't pay their workers during their time away from the office.

But here are 11 firms that offer sabbaticals with full or partial salary, plus benefits and paid vacation days.

Company name How long? When eligible?
Adobe Systems 4 weeks After 5 years
5 weeks After 10 years
6 weeks After 15 years and every 5 years thereafter
Autodesk 6 weeks Every 4 years
Genentech 6 weeks After 6 years
Hyland Software 4 weeks After 8 years
Intel 8 weeks After 7 years
Kimpton Hotel & Restaurants 4 weeks After 7 years in eligible position*
Perkins Coie 8 weeks Every 10 years (attorneys); every 13 years (other staff)***
Plante Moran 4 weeks After 7 years
PricewaterhouseCoopers 4 weeks (of which 1 week must be paid vacation time) After 5 years (sr. manager or director); after 7 years (managing director) and every 7 years thereafter
Rackspace Hosting 8 weeks, half paid** After 7 years
REI 4 weeks After 15 years
*For general managers, executive chefs, regional directors, and home-office director level and above.

**Rackspace workers can used earned time off for 4 of the 8 weeks.

***Non-exempt employees.

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