New app for coffee drinkers in a hurry

square order
Technology solves another #FirstWorldProblem.

If you love coffee but hate standing in line, there's an app for you.

Square, which makes mobile payment technology, has produced an app that allows users to order coffee using their phone so that it's ready, paid for and hot when they arrive.

"Just pick it up and be on your way," says a blog post on Square's website.

The Square Order app uses a new "arrival prediction technology" to gauge how far a user is from their favorite coffee shop and sends a message to the baristas there when the user is getting close. That way, the latte or cappuccino will be finished when the user arrives, but it won't get cold, assuming it's not an iced drink.

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The app also bills the user's credit card so there's no need to wait in line to see the cashier.

For now, the service is available at a few coffee shops in New York and San Francisco, such as Blue Bottle, which has locations in both cities.

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