Here's the difference between you and the Class of 2019

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Welcome to the Class of 2019.

Born in the late 1990s, these kids are coming of age in a world that looks very different than it did a generation ago.

Beloit College each year compiles its Mindset List, which takes a look at "cultural touchstones" of the entering freshman class (think: "They have never licked a postage stamp").

Globalization, new technologies, businesses and ideas have changed the way these young people experience the world and revolutionized the way they live their daily lives.

This is CNNMoney's version of the Mindset List.

Young people starting college this year...

1) Never have to remember any of their friends' birthdays (thanks Facebook!).

2) Never have to remember phone numbers either.

3) Don't have to rush home to catch their favorite TV show ... or sit through all of the commercials.

4) Have never had to use the yellow pages. Or an Encyclopedia.

5) Won't be pulling any all-nighters in the school computer lab.

6) Have never had to refold a map.

7) Have never had to make a collect call. Or worry about long distance charges.

8) Don't write thank you notes in cursive. Or by hand for that matter.

9) Will never experience the joy of their favorite song coming on after waiting by the radio for hours.

10) Don't have to be selective about snapping photos to avoid wasting film.

11) Have never seen a one-term president. They've only lived through three.

12) Haven't known the agony that is trying to balance a checkbook. Though they've likely overdrafted their debit cards.

13) Never camped out all night to buy concert tickets ... just iPhones.

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