These 5 new Pop-Tart flavors are unbelievable. (Hint: Bacon!)

pop tart new flavors

You'll either love them or hate them, but one thing's for sure, these 5 new Pop Tart flavors are pretty unique.

Pop-Tarts started out with four simple flavors in 1964: strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar cinnamon, and apple currant.

Over the years, Kellogg's has released more than two dozen flavors, including s'mores, cookies and cream, cinnamon roll and PB&J. Tasty, sure, but not that unusual.

But now the beloved childhood treat and secret adult snack is rolling out some extreme new flavors.

Frosted Chocolatey Caramel

This one's got a chocolate crust that oozes a caramel filling when you bite into it, and is slated to roll out in December.

Pink Lemonade

Sure, pink lemonade is a drink, but we warned you that this list isn't entirely conventional. A Pink lemon flavored filling in a golden crust is set to hit the shelves in April of next year.

Limited Edition Frosted Maple Bacon

kelloggs pop tarts maple bacon

This first-ever sweet-and-salty Pop-Tart will have a maple and bacon flavored filling. Outside, the sweet white frosting will be sprinkled with salty and smokey flavored "crunchlets."

Delicious or disaster? We'll find out this December.

Limited Edition Frosted Watermelon

Expect this one to not only satisfy your sweet taste buds with watermelon flavor filling but it's also going to be a visual treat. With its sweet pink frosting and light green icing, it's leveraging on the watermelon theme completely. Coming in December.

Limited Edition Frosted Spring Strawberry

kelloggs pop tarts strawberry

There have been lots of variations on the strawberry Pop-Tart, including the original unfrosted strawberry, the frosted one, the low fat version, PB&J with strawberry, chocolatey strawberry. But Kellogg's has managed to come up with one more twist, and these new strawberry Pop-Tarts will each have a cartoon painted onto the frosting. Early 2016.

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