It's officially a hoverboard backlash

hoverboards ban ces

Hoverboards can't catch a break.

Now the Consumer Electronics Show has banned the self-balancing scooters from being used at any of the convention's venues.

The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES, posted a note on its website that said: "Wheeled transport devices (with or without motors) are not permitted at any CES venue. This includes hoverboards, skateboards, uniwheels and all similar products."

The devices were projected to be one of the top items on holiday wish lists. But now they're being banned all over the place, because some of them are overheating, catching fire or exploding due to a faulty plug.

Delta (DAL), United (UAL), and American (AMERICAN AIR) airlines announced this week that hoverboards cannot be brought on flights. And (OSTK) said it would stop selling the devices on its website -- effective immediately.

The scooters have also been declared illegal to ride in public by British authorities and the New York Police Department.

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