Stanford and Harvard got over $1 billion in donations in 2015

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Stanford made the most money in 2015.

Stanford University got $1.63 billion in donations in 2015, more than any other U.S. college, according to a report from the Council for Aid to Education.

The stunning number includes $622 million worth of art given to the university in the last fiscal year, $801.6 million in cash donations, and $201.1 million for the support of the university's two hospitals.

Harvard University, which raised $1.05 billion in gifts, ranked second, and was the only other university to raise more than a billion in a single year.

The report showed that U.S. universities raised $40.30 billion in 2015, up 7.6% from the year before and the largest amount on record.

But the report also revealed great differences between donations to individual universities. More than a quarter of the total -- $11.6 billion -- went to a small group of 20 mostly private universities.

Financial gifts from alumni made up a quarter of the overall amount. Roughly 15% came from corporations, the report showed.

Eight gifts to four of the universities exceeded $100 million in 2015 -- more than all of the money raised by the 490 institutions with the smallest donations, combined.

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Here is the top 10:

1. Stanford University: $1.63 billion

2. Harvard University: $1.05 billion

3. University of Southern California: $653.03 million

4. University of California-San Francisco: $608.58 million

5. Cornell University: $590.64 million

6. Johns Hopkins University: $582.68 million

7. Columbia University: $552.68 million

8. Princeton University: $549.84 million

9. Northwestern University: $536.83 million

10. University of Pennsylvania: $517.20 million

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