CNNMoney: The global opportunity

CNNMoney launches global initiative
CNNMoney launches global initiative

It's the biggest market there is -- the world. And CNNMoney is there.

Europe. Asia. The Middle East. Africa. Latin America. CNN has correspondents and digital reporting teams throughout, with a deep understanding of markets, economics, business and tech.

Today, we are unifying that reporting power under CNNMoney to cut through the noise and tell the business stories that truly matter.

Richard Quest is now CNNMoney's Editor at Large. As we write, Richard is in Mumbai at the CNN Asia Business Forum, and we'll be getting a look at opportunities in the world's fastest growing big economy on his show, "Quest Means Business," and on

In coming weeks, we'll be launching the Quest Means Business newsletter: Every weekday, Richard will share his reporting on the global economy from his endless travels (seriously, he never sits still). And with a quick take on the most important business news, it will be the perfect close to the U.S. workday and preview of the market opens in Asia and Europe.

We've got the top financial centers covered too. Nina dos Santos out of London will now anchor "CNNMoney View," formerly "The Business View." From New York, there's "CNNMoney with Maggie Lake," formerly "World Business Today."

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That's just the start.

Probably the biggest money story going right now is the plunging price of oil, and the massive disruptions it is creating. What does it mean for stability in Saudi Arabia? Iraq's fight against ISIS? Vladimir Putin's grip on power in Russia? Nobody knows it better than John Defterios, CNNMoney's Emerging Markets Editor in Abu Dhabi.

What about the slowdown in China and the massive ripples it's having throughout global markets? Andrew Stevens and a growing team in Hong Kong are following every move. Andrew is off to the Singapore Air Show this week to see the planes of the future and sit down with the CEO of Airbus.

Eleni Giokos in Johannesburg has been reporting on the business opportunities throughout Africa.

And there are growing tech scenes in each of these regions. CNNMoney correspondent Samuel Burke will be introducing you to the most exciting start-ups and showing you the innovations that are making people's lives better.

CNN has a global broadcast presence in more than 400 million homes and hotels and is one of the most visited, fanned and followed news sites in the world. And our digital newsrooms are growing rapidly.

We look forward to extending and strengthening our global footprint, delivering the money news that matters to you on a range of screens and platforms, worldwide.

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