Oregon House votes to hike state minimum wage

Biden supports New York's minimum wage increase
Biden supports New York's minimum wage increase

Oregon lawmakers have set the state on course for a higher minimum wage.

On Thursday, the state's House of Representatives voted 32-26 to raise the wage, which currently sits at $9.25 per hour.

While the bill will increase the minimum wage across the state, the extra cash workers will receive depends on where they are.

For instance, the Portland metropolitan area will begin with a minimum of $9.75 that will rise to $14.75 by 2022.

Jackson, Josephine, Deschutes, Wasco and Hood River counties, as well as the Willamette Valley Northwest Oregon, will start at the same rate as Portland but increase to $13.50 by 2022.

Workers in rural counties will get a minimum of $9.50 in July, going up to $12.50 by 2022.

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The bill now goes to Gov. Kate Brown, who has been pushing for a minimum wage increase. She said in a statement she intended to sign the new legislation.

Activists have been pushing for minimum wages nationwide to be raised to $15.

Following the examples set by San Francisco and Seattle, 14 cities, counties and state governments have approved a hike to $15, according to the National Employment Law Project.

In most places, the increase to $15 is being phased in over a few years to give businesses some time to adjust.

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