Louboutin wins fight to prevent red sole copycats

Louboutin wins fight to trademark red shoe soles
Louboutin wins fight to trademark red shoe soles

Christian Louboutin has claimed victory in a legal battle over its signature red-soled shoes.

The European Union's top court backed the fashion brand in a decision on Tuesday, ruling that its use of the iconic red color means that its shoes can be trademarked.

"Christian Louboutin warmly welcomes this judgment," the company said in a statement. "For 26 years, the red sole has enabled the public to attribute the origin of the shoe to its creator."

The legal case dates to 2012, when Louboutin sued a Dutch retail chain for selling its own version of red-soled stilettos.

The Dutch company has argued that it should be allowed to sell the shoes because EU law prohibits the trademark of products with common shapes, such as shoes.

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An example of Louboutin's red soles.

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled otherwise on Tuesday.

"A mark consisting of a color applied to the red sole of a shoe is not covered by the prohibition of the registration of shapes," the judges wrote in their decision.

A Dutch court is expected to deliver a final ruling based on the European Court's advice. Decisions from the high court are rarely overturned.

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