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Stanley Bing readers sent in hundreds of bulls**t jobs. We've picked 20 favorites - jobs that are the most satisfying, lucrative and least useful. Here, in readers' own words, are the best bulls**t jobs.
Professional clairvoyant
I read energy and can accurately identify health issues and locate missing people and pets... Telling the future however, is a paradox. Since the future is a result of your beliefs with what could happen based on your past experiences, you can change the outcome by changing your beliefs. Some things are predestined, but how you experience it is up to you.

It is a bulls**t job because people want you to indulge them in what they want to hear instead of realizing their reality is a composite of what they believe can come true consciously and subconsciously.
Comm. manager Software quality assurance analyst Professional clairvoyant Technical analyst Mechanical engineering intern Robot operator Quality engineer Problem manager USAF Fitness Advisor Relay operator Implementation Director System engineer Academic advisor Payphone account manager Research budget analyst Aviation maintenance structural engineer Door monitor Mission assurance Management coach Production support analyst

Do you have a bulls**t job?
Answer 10 questions to find out the bulls**t factor of your job.
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