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Stanley Bing readers sent in hundreds of bulls**t jobs. We've picked 20 favorites - jobs that are the most satisfying, lucrative and least useful. Here, in readers' own words, are the best bulls**t jobs.
Mechanical engineering intern
Upside: Ride the bureaucracy wave, take more time than necessary to do everything, because nothing truly important is given to you to do because only real engineers are allowed to do actual engineering work. Copy data from one form of spreadsheet into another. Repeat. Gain immense entertainment from people who've decided to dedicate their adult life to having meetings about the size, shape and color of stupid things like electrical connectors or wires and spend hours brooding over such things.

More $$ than any other intern or college student, and most entry-level teachers as well.

Downside: Learn nothing, dread coming to work, immense boredom, stare at a computer monitor all day.

Darkside: Depression over career choice, occasion casual pressure from higher-ups.

Where you go from here: Anywhere. No one knows you've done nothing, both at this company and any other company that views your resume. Continue earning massive $$ for doing nothing, at least until you graduate.
Comm. manager Software quality assurance analyst Professional clairvoyant Technical analyst Mechanical engineering intern Robot operator Quality engineer Problem manager USAF Fitness Advisor Relay operator Implementation Director System engineer Academic advisor Payphone account manager Research budget analyst Aviation maintenance structural engineer Door monitor Mission assurance Management coach Production support analyst

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