Honda saves the Civic

With a few quick little changes, Honda's brought a bad car back into contention.

Supple suspension

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Most of the suspension parts in the new Civic remain unchanged, but a few items were tweaked to give the car a very different feel on the road. Without boring you with details -- Teflon liners on the stabilizer bushings, increased stabilizer diameter, and so on -- this feels like a different car.

Unlike the one in last year's Civic, this steering wheel feels connected to the front wheels. You can sense, through your hands, what the car is doing in response to what you're doing. Go around a fast corner, and this car doesn't lean way over to one side like it's trying to touch the ground.

Amazingly, at the same time, the ride feels smoother and nicer. Unlike its predecessor, this Civic keeps its cool when the road turns rough. Sound plays a role here. In the old Civic, you heard every bump and bang. Not so much in this one. The new Civic doesn't just feel more controlled over bumps, it also sounds more controlled.

That horrible, groaning engine sound is also notably gone. The new Civic isn't any stronger than last year but at least it no longer sounds like it's straining its way to an untimely death as you try to merge onto the highway. It's not the quickest car on the road but it feels like it can, at least, handle what's needed.

Source: CNNMoney
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