Honda saves the Civic

With a few quick little changes, Honda's brought a bad car back into contention.

Dash with some dash

gallery 2012 honda civic vs 2013 interior 2

Inside, the shapes remain the same only the plastics have changed. But nicer plastics make a big difference here. You can't see it here, but there's even a bit of sparkle in some of the stereo buttons. Nice touch, Honda.

Now, does all of this mean that the 2013 Civic is the best compact car you can buy? Well, no. It's good. It's competitive. It's up there. But, sorry Honda, I still think the Hyundai Elantra's got you beat.

You see, at Hyundai, they did it right the first time. Things always turn out better that way.

Source: CNNMoney
  @peterdrives - Last updated January 07 2013 12:31 PM ET

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