Sick 'supertuner' cars

European tuning companies specialize in customizing high-end luxury cars for buyers who want even more over-the-top vehicles.

Ruf CTR3

ruf ctr3 european tuner cars

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This car left the Porsche factory as a last-generation 911. From that "donor" car, what's left is the body structure from the windshield pillars forward and the six-cylinder engine block. Ruf engineers put in their own pistons, bolted on their own massive turborchargers and just about everything else you see in the photo.

The engine now produces 777 horsepower, taking the CTR3 from zero to 60 miles an hour in about three seconds. That's almost 120% more horsepower than the car it was based on. The price tag for this Porsche tuner's ultimate creation is about $700,000.

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