Chevrolet Corvette, finally a legit Porsche killer from Detroit

The Chevrolet Corvette has long been viewed as a crude alternative to German sports cars. Not anymore. The 2014 Stingray really gives Porsche a run for the money.

Good looking. Inside, too!

corvette stingray steering wheel

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Before moving on to all that fun driving stuff, take a look at this interior. The one serious issue people have had with the Corvette has been its interior. It was the one place in where the car's relatively low price becomes apparent. And it became especially galling as years went by and other, cheaper, less interesting cars in the Chevrolet line-up started looking better inside.

The new 'Vette's interior is made from nicer stuff, first of all, but it also has a sharper, more interesting design. Technology helps, too. The instrument cluster has been replaced by a high-definition computer screen that allows it to look really cool, for starters, but also to be configured to show the particular information the driver might want. For instance, you can see tire pressures and temperatures or cornering g-forces.

And, speaking of cornering g-forces, the seats can handle them. Yes, they hold you in place while you're screaming way too fast around an off-ramp but they're also very comfortable. I could happily sit in these seats for hours, which is good since I could happily just keep driving this car for hours.

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