Chevrolet Corvette, finally a legit Porsche killer from Detroit

The Chevrolet Corvette has long been viewed as a crude alternative to German sports cars. Not anymore. The 2014 Stingray really gives Porsche a run for the money.

Looks slim, but it's a bit chunkier

corvette stingray left rear

The funny thing about the new 'Vette is that, all told, it's actually a little heavier than the current Corvette. Teams of engineers spent a lot of time making the chassis 100 pounds lighter and large parts of the car's body are made from carbon fiber. But when adding in more performance and more safety, the total car ended up being 250 pounds heavier.

But it feels lighter. Part of the reason is that weight is so nicely centered right around the cockpit, as it should be. A sports car should feel like something you're wearing not just something you're driving. It should move with you, the way your shirt moves when you move your arm. The Stingray does just that.

The new Corvette offers a handful of selectable driving modes including "Eco," "Touring," "Sport" and "Track." In Touring, the suspension is soft and the steering loose and forgiving. But, "Sport" is like sports car heaven. The steering becomes quick and responsive with good feel. The suspension is just soft enough that bad roads don't feel like awful roads but body movements are still kept to a comfortable minimum.

Charging through a twisting two-lane road, the Corvette powered through curve after curve at speeds well above those suggested on the yellow signs, It felt as natural as walking. Firmly planted and balanced, the car never caused the slightest quiver of nervousness.It felt stuck to the pavement like a gecko to a glass door and the steering provided detailed but gentle feedback though my hands.

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