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The 7 hottest stock markets in 2015

The hottest stock markets this year include countries with troubled economies: Argentina, Jamaica


  • 2015 half-year gain: 17.5%

All eyes are on Greece's crisis right now but one feel-good story is Ireland's stock market. It's up almost 20% this year.

The euro's fall in value against the dollar has made it easier for Irish companies (and others in Europe) to be more competitive with U.S. brands. The weaker currency is boosting companies' sales and stocks across the eurozone, the group of 19 countries that use the currency.

Ireland has climbed back from its bailout days with the International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank. It had to pay back $89 billion to its creditors, and now the IMF refers to Ireland as a success story during its negotiations with Greece.

Ireland has cut down its deficit, reduced government spending and paid its creditors on time. It also had the best economic growth in the euro area last year, and it's carried that momentum into 2015.

Call it Irish luck or hard-fought progress: Ireland's stock market might be the best comeback story this year.

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