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Wealthfront is all about making investing simple, cheap and profitable for you.

To start, you only need $500. And get this: Wealthfront manages your money for FREE up to $10,000 (above that, the fee is only 0.25% a year). The company really wants to encourage new investors to try it out.

You simply answer a short questionnaire on the site or app and then Wealthfront automatically invests your money into one of 20 portfolios that best matches your style and risk appetite. After that, you don't have to do anything but check your returns on the app.

"Set it and forget it" is the idea, says Kate Wauck, Wealthfront's communications director.

Once you create an account, you can see historical performance of each of Wealthfront's 20 portfolios.

The new Portfolio Review service will even evaluate your other investments outside Wealthfront and make recommendations on how you can invest better.

Wealthfront launched in 2011 and now manages over $3.5 billion for clients. And yes, it has a full customer support team so you can call in if you want.

First published October 26, 2017: 2:33 PM ET

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