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Convertible: Rolls-Royce Dawn

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  • Price: $340,000

Video - Meet the Dawn, Rolls-Royce sexy new convertible

If you've got lots of money and you're looking for a comfy new convertible, the Robb Report recommends the Rolls-Royce Dawn. With its powerful 6.6-liter V12 engine, Rolls-Royce bills the Dawn as a more driver-oriented car than you might typically expect from Rolls. Computers in the Dawn use GPS positioning to help the car's 8-speed transmission choose the right gear for upcoming hills and curves before the car even gets to them.

The Robb Report is a magazine geared toward the outrageously wealthy offering tips on how to spend all that money as wisely as possible. Each year, the magazine selects its list of "Best of the Best" cars. Only cars that have been newly introduced or substantially changed during the past year are eligible. And, of course, they have to be amazing.

First published May 27, 2016: 10:39 AM ET

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