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Dumbest Moments in Business

The biggest blunders of 2012.

Yahoo CEO pads his resume, gets canned

dumbest moments 2012 yahoo ceo

It's one thing to include "conversational Spanish" on your resume when you haven't taken a class since high school. It's quite another to fake a computer science degree, especially when you're the CEO of a big-name tech company.

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was shown the door in May, after it came to light that he claimed to have a bachelor's degree in both accounting and computer science. His degree is actually in accounting only.

Thompson has since landed at ShopRunner, a tech startup. But Thompson's dumbest moment led to what could turn out to be one of Yahoo's smartest: hiring Marissa Mayer away from Google. Were it not for Thompson and his inflated resume, Mayer would probably still be Google employee #20 -- not Yahoo's heralded new leader. -- Julianne Pepitone

- Last updated December 19 2012 05:01 PM ET

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