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A local farm donated 1,000 turkeys to the Oregon Food Bank last year.

"I'm not having Thanksgiving this year," says Sandy Lanzieri. She and her two sons rely on food banks to supplement their food stamp allowance. "Now the money ends even faster so I'm going to have to figure out how to make up for it," she said.

Jeff Kleen, a public policy advocate at the Oregon Food Bank, says her story isn't unique.

"The cut places an additional burden on households that are trying to stretch already thin budgets," he said. Even if he had the funding, the Oregon Food Bank doesn't have the infrastructure -- including distribution trucks and warehouses -- to make up for the $84 million in cuts to SNAP in Oregon.

"This is a time when households are stretched even further by higher utility costs, the holidays, and a break in school," he said. "Those are a lot of meals to make up at home."

First published November 28, 2013: 11:51 AM ET

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