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Why I'm protesting in Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Hong Kong to demand open elections free from Beijing's influence. Eight protesters explain why they're taking a stand.

'Everyone should have the right to vote'

hk benny yip

Name and age: Benny Yip, 38
Occupation: IT worker

We cannot accept the arrangement for elections for Hong Kong's chief executive. Everyone should have the right to vote. I hope the central government can understand our anger, and make adjustments to the policy, because we are not happy.

I don't want to this to end with any violence. If the government can listen to what the people say, this can be smoothly resolved.

I am worried because I think for most people that just graduated, it is difficult for them to buy a house or find a job with good pay. This is important, but the most important is the political system.

  @sophia_yan - Last updated October 01 2014 11:56 PM ET

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