Walker Colt

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The U.S. Army also had their Colt guns to thank in the victorious war against Mexico. That's how the United States picked up Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona. The Walker Colt first raised eyebrows in 1847, when 15 Texas Rangers used the newly-invented revolvers to outgun 70 Comanches. The Army realized the revolver was the gun it wanted for the war with Mexico. "The Walker Colt was the most powerful handgun ever built, before the advent of the .357 Magnum in the 1930s," wrote the Gerry and Janet Souter in "Guns of Outlaws." "At one battle during the war, 500 Mexican troops were routed by 70 American soldiers wielding the Walkers."

First published December 8, 2014: 3:07 PM ET

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