6. Deloitte

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Career development starts almost immediately at Deloitte. Within their first few weeks on the job, most new hires spend some time at Deloitte University, a $300 million, 107-acre campus in Westlake, Texas, which hosts more than 52,000 Deloitte learners each year.

Graduates interested in work-life flexibility will find plenty of support at Deloitte. "Agile working" programs allow employees to create schedules that suit their needs or take time off for family obligations or personal pursuits. Deloitte employees in the U.K., for example, can take up to four weeks of unpaid leave once a year for any reason.

"We have been recognized as a great place to learn, but we also give our people the flexibility to create the career and life experience they want," says Stevan Rolls, Deloitte partner, global talent. --B.B.

First published June 29, 2016: 2:49 PM ET
Data source: Universum Global

How we pick the Top Employers for New Grads: Think of it as a popularity contest for companies: Every year research firm Universum Global ranks the most desirable employers, based on where undergraduate students around the world say they'd most like to work after graduation. More

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