1. Tom Rutledge

top paid ceos 2017 tom rutledge
  • 2016 Cash compensation : $9.9 million
  • Stock and options: $88 million
  • Change in total pay (1 year): 499%

First published May 31, 2017: 10:22 AM ET
Source: Equilar 200 CEO Pay Study

Total compensation is calculated as the sum of base salary, discretionary and performance-based cash bonuses, the grant-date fair value for stock and option awards during the fiscal year, and other compensation like benefits and perks. Equilar, an executive data firm, looked at CEOs of public companies with at least $1 billion in revenue that filed proxy statements by May 1, 2017. Pay data based on companies' fiscal year end of Dec. 2016 unless otherwise noted. Total pay figure represents the amount companies are required to report in their annual filings to the SEC. Reported pay represents the value of what a company granted its CEO in a given year, but the amount a CEO actually takes home may vary greatly from this figure. For example, the CEO may receive long-term incentives including stock and options that pay out over multiple years -- their value will rise or fall with the company's share price.

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