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I can't find a nursing job!

Whatever happened to the nursing shortage? These new grads can't find jobs, after months of searching.

Nursing jobs post "no new grads"

I worked as a licensed vocational nurse for six months and then started school again to become an RN.

When I graduated in June, I definitely thought it would be easier to find a job as an RN, if not in California, then at least in another state.

That's not the case. I looked at a whole bunch of states and the thing is, I see a lot of jobs for RNs but they're only taking RNs with experience. I see a lot of jobs that specifically say "no new grads".

I've started looking for jobs at assisted living and nursing homes, but the problem is, if you eventually want to work in a hospital, hospitals don't consider that "acute" experience. You still end up with no experience in their eyes.

The process has become more and more discouraging. There are so many of us with student loans that we need to start paying, but nobody is willing to take a chance on us.

Did you earn an advanced degree that did not lead to a job? Was it worth the debt? Send your story to
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