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Men in female-dominated jobs

Nursing, child care and administrative jobs are still dominated by women. Meet 8 men who are proud to work in these fields.

Nursing as a second career choice

men in female jobs hank drummond
  • Name: Hank Drummond, 53
  • Place: Miami, Fla.

I've been doing nursing for a little over 25 years, and now I work as the executive director of nursing and quality initiatives at Miami Jewish Health Systems.

I got used to the job as a young man in high school, when my father got ill and I cared for him.

At the beginning, men were very outnumbered, but that has never really been an obstacle for me. Patients and nurses are looking for effective healthcare leaders. That doesn't depend on your gender.

Lately, we are seeing more men coming into the nursing field as a second career choice. I've had everyone from mechanics to handymen to a chef apply for jobs here.

I think the recession plays a role in that. Many men are looking for better job security.

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