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6 jobs with most equal pay for men and women

A CNNMoney analysis of Census data shows these jobs -- which have roughly the same amount of men and women workers -- have little disparity in salaries.

Biological scientists

equal jobs biological scientist

Biological scientist is a field that includes biochemists, microbiologists, biophysicists and zoologists.

Historically, biology has attracted more women than other areas of math and science, and as of 2011, women made up about 45% of the field.

The pay gap is small, with full-time women earning a median salary of $55,000 in 2011, 98 cents to every dollar a man earned.

And the salary disparity is almost non-existent for young men and women entering the field now. The overall data is skewed by higher salaries for older male workers, which is often the case in fields where women have only recently begun to make up a larger percentage of the work force.

Source: American Community Survey 2011. We included occupations with at least 20,000 full-time workers, where women make a median annual salary that's equal to at least 90% of a man's full-time salary. We only included fields where women don't outnumber men, and men don't outnumber women, by more than 20%.
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