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10 cities with Zeitgeist: The places to be in 2013

Hub Culture's Zeitgeist rankings attempt something unusual: Quantifying a feeling. Still, they've managed to create a list of cities that capture this year's "spirit of the moment."

.  London

city london

Yes, the Olympics are over. But London is still the place to be, according to Hub Culture, which describes the city as "post-coital" and basking in the glow of recent signature events.

The city has a burgeoning tech community, flagship restaurant concepts and improving transportation. Central London destinations are staying open later, and the economy is practically booming compared to other European destinations.

The Hub Culture ranking is purposefully "soft." We're not taking it as gospel -- but it is a fun look at rising global hot spots.

The Hub Culture ranking is based on economic indicators and outlook, property, employment, nightlife, quality of life and employment.
  @CRrileyCNN - Last updated February 21 2013 08:50 PM ET

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