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5 federal workers: What job cuts mean to me

Thousands of federal workers lost jobs, and millions will stay at home without pay due to budget cuts. Five workers share their tough choices.

Preparing to cut cable TV, cell phone

federal worker cesar ostolaza
  • Who: Cesar Ostolaza, 36
  • Job status: Expects a furlough

Ostolaza is a supply technician at Fort Hood in Texas. The Defense Department has warned Congress that most of its civilian employees will be furloughed, so Ostolaza expects his notice to land any day. It will trim his paycheck by $150 to $200 each week.

When he first heard about furloughs, Ostolaza had a long chat with his wife about the financial consequences of a 20% pay cut.

"We're going to pay the important (bills) -- the house, the car payment," said Ostolaza, an Army veteran who served in Iraq. The family is preparing to cut cable television and cell phone service.

"The good thing about being a human being is you adapt," Ostolaza said. "I hope Congress will learn ... the American people are the ones affected."

Have you received a furlough or termination notice from the federal government? We want to hear from you. Email us your story and you could be a part of our ongoing coverage of federal budget cuts.
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