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Millennials: Don't call me 'entitled'

These millennials take issue with the 'entitled' stigma - and no, they aren't just whining.

We will be working until age 75, at least!

entitled madeline boughton

Older people say we have it easier, but I definitely disagree.

It's not as easy to get a job as it was back in the day. You can't be just a hard worker anymore. In order for you to be considered for a position, you need at least a bachelor's, maybe even a masters degree.

You have to spend so much money paying for these degrees, and then you may not even get a job once you graduate.

I earned a bachelor's in psychology and a masters in global communication, and I'm still in debt now. It's going to take a really long time to pay it off.

I've been a social worker, and now I'm working part-time as an independent communications consultant while looking for a better full-time job.

I think this generation will be working until we're 75 years old. I don't expect there to be any Social Security money left by then. Our grandparents are living longer and longer, and by the time I reach their age to retire, there won't be anything left in the kitty!

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated May 17 2013 09:46 AM ET

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