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10 hardest working countries

Where in the world do workers toil the most each year? The United States is high on the list, but a few other countries work even harder.

Russian Federation

  • Average annual hours: 2,002
  • Average annual wages: $15,286*

The common work week is 40 hours long in Russia, and strict overtime laws mean few workers go beyond 50 hours.

Meanwhile, Russian labor laws grant all workers 28 days of paid vacation, in addition to public holidays.

That said, the average Russian worker still puts in 200 more work hours each year than an American, mainly because part-time work is rare. Only about 5% of employees work part time.

Source: OECD. Data reflect wage and salary workers, not the self-employed.
*Wage data wasn't available for Russia. Data reflects average household income, after taxes, according to OECD.
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