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The real budgets of McDonald's workers

These four McDonald's workers shared their monthly budgets to show how their spending stacks up to the controversial McDonald's sample.

Raising 2 kids on close to minimum wage

mcdonalds budget christopher drumgold

It's been near impossible for Christopher Drumgold to raise two kids while making $7.40 an hour at McDonald's. His kids attend a Detroit charter school that doesn't have a bus. So he has to pay for bus or cab fare for them to get to school everyday.

What's more, Drumgold said his 12-year-old son is "as big as Shaquille O'Neal," with a size-13 shoe. He constantly outgrows his clothes or needs a haircut, all of which adds to expenses.

"I had to find a bootleg barber to get him an affordable haircut," he said.

He pays about $15 a month for haircuts, another $100 on childcare and another $100 on prescription drugs.

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