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Best countries for working moms and dads

These countries offer generous benefits for parents, making it easier for working mothers and fathers to balance work and family.


UNICEF ranks Dutch children as the most content in the world, and perhaps it's partly because their parents have plenty of time for them.

Dutch employees have the world's shortest work week, averaging 29 hours a week. Dutch laws make it possible for workers to shorten their hours while keeping their job, hourly pay, health care and pro-rated benefits. Most moms take advantage of this policy when they have young children.

Overall, about three quarters of Dutch women, and a quarter of men work part time.

Paid maternity leave lasts up to 16 weeks, but parents are also given the option to use 26 weeks of leave to care for their children, up to age 8.

Source: We used data from the Central Intelligence Agency and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation to compare female employment rates, length of work weeks and fertility rates, and then looked at parental leave policies by country.
  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated August 13 2013 10:43 AM ET

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