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Why I choose to not work

Last week, we wrote about why 26% of American women don't have a job and aren't looking for one. These readers explain why they've made the choice to not work.

Time at home is work

  • Name: Lori Carden
  • Place: Mesa, Ariz.

I suppose I view staying home to raise and educate my children as a shift of energy and focus - once aimed outside of my family, now to inside my family.

It is a "pay cut" for sure, and we go without cable TV and other unnecessary distractions. I still view my time under my roof as work; cleaning, prioritizing, educating, relating, caring, etc. And I take the responsibility very seriously.

Educating each child in their learning style is difficult and requires a lot of intentionality, patience and research. I see my children flourishing and this method works well for our family because my husband is also in agreement. When he gets home, we eat, review school lessons, play games and connect.

It may sound old-fashioned, but some things worked better way back then. They still work well now.

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated August 21 2013 10:00 AM ET

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