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My part-time job is a dead end, but it's all I can find

CNNMoney profiles 4 of America's 7 million part-time workers unable to find full-time jobs.

America's job problem

Seven million Americans want full-time jobs but are stuck in part-time positions.

Their struggles are a reminder that the economy is not full back to health yet.

Poor jobs: About 25% of part-time workers live in poverty and half are low income. Part-time workers also earn less per hour than full-time employees for the same job.

Part-Time States: The West Coast has been hit hard by part-time. California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona have the highest rates of involuntary part-time employment in the country. It's no surprise either that those states have unemployment rates above the national average too.

No Healthcare: Beginning in January, employers must provide health care coverage for employees who work 30 or more hours a week. Major retailers can avoid the mandate by lowering their part-time employees' hours to 29 a week.

Along with the risk of losing healthcare next year, part-time workers often do not receive paid sick leave, vacation days or job training for full-time positions.

  @CNNMoney - Last updated November 21 2014 11:14 AM ET

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