"Nobody pays the rent"

Katerina Drikou
  • Name : Katerina Drikou
  • Occupation : Pensioner
  • Age: 67

I came to the bank on Friday to withdraw money and I had to wait in line, because I don't have a card. I got 120 euros out.

Everyone is trying to save as much money as they can. We only buy food and other necessities. Nobody pays the rent at the moment. Nobody buys tickets for the trains and the subway. But people understand.

At the moment, I am also helping my children. I have two daughters and one grandchild.

We are very afraid, we don't know what will happen next. But if we lose the euro, and go back to drachma, we are finished.

I voted yes. I know it will be difficult. The banks being closed ... it's difficult, nobody likes it. But I think the government is to blame for the banks, not Europe.

First published July 10, 2015: 4:36 AM ET

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