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Best new jobs in America

Videogame designer? Wind turbine engineer? These 6 cutting-edge jobs offer great growth potential and solid pay.

Solar Sales Consultant

best new jobs solar sales consultant
  • 10-year job growth: 16.4%
  • Median pay: $45,100

What they do all day? Solar sales consultants convince people to harness the power of the sun. As the first point of contact, they provide information about products, cost savings and incentives.

How to get the job? Experience with building improvements or solar education will help applicants stand out from the crowd. Being a crackerjack with numbers is important, too, since making financial calculations is central to the job. An associate's degree will suffice for most retail jobs while positions at the wholesale level require a bachelor's or MBA.

What makes it great? A sales consultant's ability to be persuasive can make or break a project, which can be thrilling. The job also instills in people "the feeling that they're doing something good for future generations," says Andrea Luecke, executive director at The Solar Foundation.

What's the catch? Like all sales jobs, this isn't a role for shrinking violets. Success is dependent on networking and face-to-face interactions. Some jobs, particularly entry-level positions, are paid strictly on commission, which can intensify the pressure to perform.

Source:, CNNMoney research
Note: Median pay is for an experienced worker (at least five to seven years in field). Job growth is estimated for 2010-20, and based on people working in broader 'job family' from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For detailed methodology, see How We Picked the Best Jobs.
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