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Best new jobs in America

Videogame designer? Wind turbine engineer? These 6 cutting-edge jobs offer great growth potential and solid pay.

Social Media Manager

best new jobs social media manager
  • 10-year job growth: 13.6%
  • Median pay: $41,700

What they do all day? Social media managers are the eyes, ears and, increasingly, the voice of a company. Combining PR, marketing and customer service skills, they're tuned into what people are saying while promoting a company's presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

How to get the job? Hiring managers look for sharp writers who are curious and have an eye for good design. Knowing the difference between Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest isn't enough. Social media manager hopefuls should understand how to leverage various platforms to further a company's goals.

What makes it great? With access to all areas of a business, social media managers acquire vast knowledge of the inner workings of a company and its goals. That's valuable insight, especially for someone looking to move up the ranks, says Jim Durbin, a social media headhunter and entrepreneur.

What's the catch? Talk about high pressure. Real-time responses and a sense of urgency are part and parcel of the job. Plus, the public nature of the job means mistakes are there for all to see.

Source:, CNNMoney research
Note: Median pay is for an experienced worker (at least five to seven years in field). Job growth is estimated for 2010-20, and based on people working in broader 'job family' from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For detailed methodology, see How We Picked the Best Jobs.
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