World's most expensive cities

$9 for a loaf of bread in Tokyo? $2,100 for a dinner bill in Paris? To see which cities are the most expensive for employees and travelers, the Economist looked at the prices -- in U.S. dollars -- of everyday items in cities worldwide.

3. Sydney, Australia

most expensive cities sydney australia

Australian cities like Sydney were once relatively affordable locales. But in recent years they've been moving up the ranks of the world's most expensive cities as a strong local currency has pushed up prices.

Loaf of bread: $5.03

Bottle of table wine: $25.38

Pack of brand-name cigarettes: $15.48

High-end 3-course dinner for four, with wine: $731.96

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2013 Worldwide Cost of Living Index. Conducted twice yearly, the survey compares in U.S. dollars the average prices of 160 everyday goods and services, including food, drink, rent, clothing, household supplies and transportation. More than 50,000 individual prices were collected to create average prices for goods and services in 131 cities.
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