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You stole what? 7 bizarre items thieves love

The FBI estimates that retail crime costs the U.S. $30 billion a year, and some household items that people steal may surprise you.

Hair extensions

stolen goods

A spate of hair extension heists has been sweeping cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Houston. Thieves are targeting remy hair extensions, which are top-of-the-line human hair that cost up to $1,000 per pack.

The silkiness comes at a cost. The average person uses two packs each time and the hair needs to be replaced every three to six months.

On Monday, two burglars made away with thousands of dollars in hair extensions from a Chicago beauty supply store. Over the last several years, two different heists netted hair burglars $320,000 worth of extensions.

  @emilyjanefox - Last updated June 12 2013 12:13 PM ET

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