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10 most expensive cities in the world

$8 for a cup of coffee in Moscow. $200 for a pair of jeans in Luanda. These cities charge top dollar for the most basic purchases, according to Mercer's survey of 214 cities.


most expensive places expats moscow
  • Monthly rent (luxury apt.): $4,600
  • International newspaper: $9.95
  • Cup of coffee: $8.29
  • Gas (per liter): $1.04

Rental apartments in Moscow can make Manhattan's prices look cheap, with unfurnished luxury two-bedrooms averaging $4,600 a month. And the imported goods and services that expats commonly want also command a premium. A gallon of milk costs an average of $7.59. Even a cup of coffee -- averaging more than $8 -- doesn't come cheap.

Source: Mercer Cost of Living Survey 2013, conducted in 214 cities to help international companies assess the costs of relocating employees abroad. It looks at the cost in U.S. dollars of over 200 everyday items, such as monthly rent for a luxury, 2-bedroom unfurnished apartment, a movie ticket for an international release, a fast-food hamburger meal, and more. All cities are compared to New York City and currency movements are based against the U.S. dollar.
Monthly rent based on luxury, two bedroom apartments (with the exception of N'Djamena, Chad)
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