Maldive Islands vs. Bahamas

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An island in the Maldives is pictured left. On right is a scene from the Bahamas.

A chain of coral islands that barely peek above the Indian Ocean waters, the Maldives offer white sand beaches and great reef diving with an abundance of marine life. But it's a long, expensive trek, about 20 hours plus a layover from Los Angeles.

Beach loving honeymooners looking to save both time and money may want to consider the Bahamas instead The beaches are just as white, the water as warm and the hotel rooms much more reasonably priced. Even in peak season, there are many deals to be had, including many all-inclusive and other packages, according to



What you'll pay*: $5,200 (round-trip airfare, plus 7 nights at a 4-star hotel for two)



What you'll pay: $2,200 (round-trip airfare, plus 7 nights at a 4-star hotel for two)

First published February 13, 2014: 6:29 PM ET
*Note: Trip costs were based round-trip airfare from Chicago for the week of May 24th through May 31st and stays at a four-star hotel, as reported by Expedia and

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