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Stressful jobs that pay badly

For veterinary assistants, drug counselors and sous chefs, a day on the job involves a whole lot of stress ... and not a lot of pay. Here are 15 of the most overworked and underpaid professions, according to PayScale.

Victim advocate

  • Median pay: $42,600
  • % who say their job is stressful: 82%

Being the victim of a crime can be a traumatic and isolating experience, and it's a victim advocate's job to guide and support people through those difficult times.

Kimi Nolte, an advocate with Victim Support Services in Everett, Wash., says that a large part of her job is spent assuring victims that she's on their side.

"It's about alleviating those fears that we're going to take advantage of them, while empowering them and validating what they're feeling," she says.

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Empowering victims often means helping them understand their rights, which vary by state. In many areas, crime victims are entitled to special compensation, coverage for medical or therapy bills related to a crime, and even assistance with securing housing.

Advocates also assist victims with navigating the criminal court system and preparing for a trial, if necessary. Perhaps most important of all, advocates serve as an empathetic ear.

"It's not therapy, but there is a lot of emotional support. Sometimes someone just calls and needs to vent," says Nolte.

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