3.  Amazon

top mba employers
  • % of MBAs who want to work there: 13.65%
  • Headquarters: Seattle, WA

What makes it great: A drone that delivers your package an hour after you order it. A smartphone with a screen that looks like it's in 3D. These are just a couple of the innovative tech ventures Amazon is behind this year.

New hires at Amazon will find themselves with ownership of engaging, challenging projects right away, says Susan Harker, vice president of global talent acquisition. Ongoing training and development opportunities mean career mobility is well within reach.

What they're looking for: Hiring demand for MBAs has grown every year over the past five years, and the company is actively recruiting at more schools, says Harker. Amazon seeks out MBA graduates that have a couple years of work experience, especially in technology, as there's high demand for technical project managers.

"We look for people who want to operate something and want to be in the action of the business -- intensely curious people who want to build new things," Harker says.

First published June 18, 2014: 9:59 AM ET
Source: Universum

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