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5 best markets to buy a home

Looking to buy a home? In these cities, prices are attractive, there are plenty of homes to choose from -- and buyers have the upper hand, according to

Santa Fe

best buyers market santa fe
  • Median listing price: $389,450
  • Days on market: 147

Santa Fe is a small, affluent area with a vibrant arts scene and a heavy reliance on tourism.

Because of its small size -- the city's population is less than 70,000 -- and the fact that a large percentage of its housing stock is used as vacation homes, "you see greater market fluctuations there than most places," said Errol Samuelson, president of

After falling 20% since 2007, home prices are forecast to rise 9.1% over the next five years -- the second highest price gain in the nation, according to Fiserv.

Now that the market is heating up, he said people are starting to put more properties up for sale.

Yet, homes are selling slowly here, staying on the market for an average of 147 days. That can give buyers some leverage with anxious sellers when negotiating prices.

Source: bases its rankings on median listings prices, supplies of homes for sale and days to sell new listing. Housing markets include the entire metro areas.
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