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Cities with the best parks

These five cities dedicate the most land and money per resident to their park systems and the results show, with plenty of green spaces for residents to enjoy, according to the Trust for Public Land.

New York

city parks new york
Central Park
  • Park land as a % of city area: 19.7%
  • Spending on parks per resident: $160

New York's green spaces receive well over 100 million visitors a year, according to Parks Department spokesman, Arthur Pincus. Central Park is the showstopper, hosting 40 million park goers annually.

New York devotes nearly 20% -- more than 38,000 acres -- of its land to green use. And most of that land is quite valuable: Central Park's acreage alone is estimated to be worth more than half a trillion dollars, according to Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuel, a New York real estate appraiser.

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The park system extends far beyond Manhattan to include ocean beaches in Staten Island, upland forests in the Bronx and re-purposed industrial sites, like the old Domino Sugar plant property in Brooklyn.

In recent years, the city has reclaimed much of its waterfront and established new parks along the Hudson River in Manhattan and along the East River in Brooklyn and Queens.

Source: The Trust for Public Land
Ratings were based on three factors: park access, which measures the percentage of residents living within a 10-minute walk of a park; park size, which is based on the percentage of total city area dedicated to parks; and services and investment, which combines the number of playgrounds per 10,000 city residents and per capita park spending.
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