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Why I have a roommate at my age

Single moms. Retirees. Entrepreneurs. Americans of all ages are doubling up with roommates as rents continue to climb.

Sharing expenses and friendship

ann fry
Ann Fry (left) and Dina Wilcox (right) share the cooking, as well as their apartment.
  • Roommate : Ann Fry
  • Ages: 68
  • Where : New York City

My roommate, Dana Wilcox, and I are in our 60's. She's a widow and I'm divorced. We've shared space for nearly three years.

When I first came to New York about eight years ago from Texas right after my divorce, I lived alone in a sublet. I lost that when the woman I rented it from returned. I then moved in with Dina.

I think living with a roommate is much better. We live in a much nicer apartment than we could afford on our own. We cook together, talk about our day. We welcome all our friends into our home.

It's very helpful to have someone around, particularly as you get older. Once, she woke up half dead with a serious infection and couldn't get out of bed. She texted me and I was there to help.

I think it's a trend for older Americans. Why stay alone when you can reap the rewards of sharing expenses and camaraderie?

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